Friday, March 4, 2011

Beauty Bag: Laura, Gracefully Searching

List of Products:
Bag: The body shop
Mascara: Maybelline  Great Lash
Blush Cream and Bronzer: Joe Fresh- Blush Cream Peach Joe Fresh
Foundation, Under Eye Cream, Powder: Mac
Silver PalettePrescriptives Colorscope Palette 
Blush: Cargo Blush Highlighter Pink
Lip Stain: Joe Grapefruit
Eye Shadow: Expert Wear Eyeshadow Mocha Motion
Highlighter: Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick Compact Pink

Can I possibly choose two things I couldn't live without, because I am having a hard time choosing between mascara and blush cream (that doubles as a lip cream)! These two beauty products are absolutely essential, and make me feel fresh and approachable!!

I love the process of getting ready, I like to change up my eye makeup, or lip color to reflect the way I am feeling!! If I am feeling like going au natural I like to wear a simple gloss like Smith’s Rosebud Salve, if I want to create something a little more current and funky I like to wear something like Pink Poodle by Mac, or it is always fun to experiment with something on trend (with a very low price point) from Joe Fresh!

Most importantly I think it is important to take your natural beauty and just emphasize it- don’t hide it!!
the beautiful Laura

Thanks so much Liz!!! Love, love, love this blog- this has been so lovely!!
Always Stay Graceful,
Laura xoxo

Thanks to the fabulous Laura of Gracefully Searching for sharing with us!


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I love the close ups of the makeup and her philosophy on the whole thing is perfect. Thanks for the intro to her lovely blog Liz! And happy almost weekend! xo

The Now said...

How fun! I adore getting to take a peek into fabulous people's beauty bags! I too swear by Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick - it's fabulous! xo

Sara Mueller said...

Love the poodle in the first image! Laura is new to me and I will definitely check her blog!

Karena said...

Thanks Laurs, Liz I always love to see the beauty secrets and finds of other friends!!

Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

Art by Karena

Wendy said...

i love this post ---

happy weekend liz!